Schedule/Membership Options

*Membership required, see options below.  No drop-in's.  First class is always free to try.

CrossFit Kids (All Ages)
Mondays-Wednesdays 4:00-5:00 PM
*No more Thursday afternoon class for CrossFit Kids...but, Big Dawgs are still ON!!
Sundays 9:30 AM (at the same time as the adults class)!

Big Dawg Training (Advanced)
Monday-Thursdays 5:00-6:00 PM

Class Descriptions
CrossFit Kids Classes (All Ages)
Our ‘All Ages’ classes are appropriate for most kids ages 5-12, and all different skills levels.  The kids who haven’t “found” their sport yet are able to find their strengths right alongside the kids who excel in ump-teen sports a year.  Very similar to the way our adult classes work, our kids classes provide an opportunity for every kind of athlete to improve on athletic skills while simultaneously having fun in an appropriately competitive environment.  An example of a Kids Class might include an obstacle course, Human Bowling, Tabata double-unders, Spiderman handstand holds, a "Mini Murph" WOD, and dodgeball...all while listening to Heather's Guilty Pleasures playlist (oh, yeah, there's a lotta' Hannah Montana...and, Taio Cruz.  Don't ACT like you don't know who they are).  

Big Dawg Training (Advanced)
Kids in this program need to be cleared by a Kids Coach prior to signing up; in other words, it's not about how "old" a kid is but more about their maturity level and if they have developed the skills enough to be in this class.  The Big Dawgs will be exposed to all of the movements that our adults practice (ie. Olympic lifts, muscle-up progressions, POSE running technique, etc.), ultimately preparing them for a smooth transition to adult classes when they turn 13 years old. 

Membership Options/Rates:
4x/month $80 ($20/class)
8x/month $120 ($15/class)
Unlimited $150 ($7.50/class, based on 5 classes/week)
*All 'additional classes' to any of the above membership options will be $20.  For example, if a child is signed up for 8x/month, but wants to come for a 9th time that month, s/he will be charged $20 for the extra class.