Thursday, August 26, 2010

September Contest: Paleo Cooking Show

Wanna' win a free CFNE Kids tee?  Submit a video of your own cooking show!  Decide on your favorite Paleo snack or meal and show us how to make it.  

Things to think about:
1. Keep it simple and easy.  Remember we're not all Rachel Ray!  Don't ACT like you don't know who she is.
2. Keep it clean.  It IS supposed to be Paleo.  Make sure your parents double-check your ingredients :)
3. Make it FUN & CREATIVE.  Watch a few cooking shows and figure out what you think makes it fun to watch.  Maybe invite a few friends in on your video or show us a cool way to serve your food.  This is where you can get your edge on this competition!
4. The shorter the better.  Attention spans, people.  They're in limited supply!
5. Taste is everything!  Your show may be amazing, but if it tastes grose-a-mundo...we're haven't really gotten anywhere.

All submissions are due by 12AM (EST), October 1st.  HOWEVER, the earlier the better as we will be posting videos as they come in!  NO LIMIT on how many entries you make, too.  So, feel free to try a few of your favorites!

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