Friday, August 27, 2010

At-Home WOD Posts

We know you guys are doing WODs at home...right!?!  Well, this is where you can let us know what you're up to.  Just 'Post A Comment' below, type up what you did (the more details, the better!), and what your time was.  Took a video of it?  EVEN BETTER!!!  Share that, too!

Want to follow what other kids are doing at home?  SWEET.  Click the "Recommended Daily WOD's" tab above to jump on the CFNE Kids At-Home WAGON :)


  1. Maya Keenan-Gallagher:
    "Kelly "
    5 rounds
    200 meter run
    15 box jumps (20"/white box)
    15 wall balls (8#, to 'CFNE' target)
    Time = 21:14

  2. From the CFNE Kids Leader Board:
    50 Burpees for time
    1. Zak J. 1:53
    2. Casey 1:59
    3. Cam 2:07
    4. Tristan 2:42
    5. Alex 2:54
    6. Rex & Bobbi 3:04
    7. Jonah 3:29
    8. Shane 3:37
    9. Kahler 3:40
    10. Nicholas 4:23

  3. We did Cindy's Little Sister 10min AMRAP (5SU/10PU/15Sq) today at Camp Cav.
    JacCav- 6 rds as Rx'd
    NicCav- 4 rds as Rx'd
    LouCav- 4 rds (kneeling PUs)
    Great blog and programming. We're hoping to join CFNE Kids at the box soon!

  4. We did "Death By 10 Meters" this morning. Thanks Heather!
    JacCav10- 16 lengths
    NicCav8- 9 lengths
    LouCav5- 11 lengths

  5. THE CAV'S ARE CRUSHING the home WODs, huh?? that's the coolest "camp" i've ever heard of ;)

  6. After a weekend of "active rest" filled with Soccer we threw down two WODs this a.m.
    1) 10 meter hand walk practice 8-10 minutes.
    2) 50 Burpee box jumps (12") for time.
    JacCav10- 6:07
    NicCav8- 6:57
    LouCav5- 7:24

  7. WOD#2 and this was fun!!
    Football Throwing Practice (8/1min rds with burpee penalty)
    JacCav10- 2/2/1/2/1/2/1/1= 4 burpees
    NicCav8- 3/3/1/2/3/2/2/2= 6 burpees
    LouCav- 1/1/2/1/1/1/2/1= 0 burpees

  8. A little Wall Ball practice and warm-up followed by:
    Knee Tuck Practice (8 rds- 20 on/40 off)
    As Rx'd- JacCav10/NicCav8/LouCav5
    We'll hit UP and maybe Wall Ball/Run tomorrow.

  9. Adam and Lauren just finished CF Kids, Adam did a pullup before I could!!!!!!!!

  10. Jayme...your kids are total BEASTS. BUT, we are going to ca-RUSH them on the Kids Paleo Challenge ;)

  11. We did "UP" 10min AMRAP (SU/PU) today at Camp Cav.
    JacCav- 14 rds + 4SU
    NicCav- 14 rds + 10SU
    LouCav- 7 rds

  12. maya i am so proud of my self for getting 30 paleo points in 1 day. Jack nice job dude. your awesome!

  13. 30 Paleo Points is amazing! Props from CampCav.
    Two Wods today...
    1) Partner Burpee Box Jump 10AMRAP
    JacCav+NicCav= 9rds +9 reps
    2) Goat Work
    30 minutes on Wall Balls, Deadlift/Clean/Press/Squat, Burpees
    NicCav has a SWEET backsquat!

  14. We did "functional" deadlifts yesterday... large stone, logs, bucket of rocks, filled bucket of rock salt. I wish I had thought of laundry basic and stairs! ;-)

    Today, we worked on chest-to-deck push ups, anchored sit-ups, squats, and burpees. Certainly not as much fun and informative as mixing it up at CFNE but we'll be back Monday!

  15. YES! i love the creativity, Cavs!!! we're SO hitting up stones in kids classes next week. thanks for the idea :)

  16. Still sore from 82 sit ups at CFNE Kids!


  17. We've been working on Oly technique and Tabata Wods... Also, wanted to give Lisa and Christian a HUGE shout out for a great class on Monday. They really kept the kids engaged and parents too! I feel like Billy Madison sometimes. Awesome job.
    JacCav10- Bucket Grace- 2:20
    I think we'll do some hill intervals tomorrow.

  18. We worked Hill sprints last week-
    JacCav10- 3x200 sub 1 min.
    NicCav8- 2x200 sub 1:30
    LouCav5- 3x200 sub 1:20
    and today we worked with rings and had burpee and triplet challenge- 5sq/5pu/5su... we had to go to a sit-up tie-breaker!

  19. I did 500 meter row in 2:41!!!!