Thursday, November 18, 2010


YES!  We’re holding our first ever CFNE Kids Throwdown on Sunday, January 30th in our box in Natick, MA.  
There will be plenty of divisions for kids to choose from.  Below are the divisions and workouts, so kids/parents/coaches can prepare and plan ahead.  There are recommended ages, but because skill levels can vary so much with kids we don’t want age to be “the” determining factor.
*These are all very rough guidelines.  Athletes should be placed based more on skill level than age.  In all cases, athletes should be able to perform movements safely while hitting full range of motion.
Pups:  8 years or under.  Beginner/non-competitive.  
Pack 1:  8-10 year olds.  Familiar with all movements, but still learning the basics/safe technique.  
Pack 2:  10-13 year olds.  Advanced skill level, learning to move more “efficiently”.  
Big Dawgs:  13+ year olds.  Very advanced, continuing to fine tune movement.  This group should be able to train at an adult level class.  
Each athlete will have a judge to assist them with counting, meeting standards/form and logistics for each WOD.
This event is intended to be open to ALL interested kid athletes.  Participants are NOT required to be a current member of a CrossFit Affiliate.  We have tried to create workouts that every kid can modify and be part of.  As with most competitions, the only drawback of modifying is that it will bump them down below any athlete that performs the WOD as Rx’d.  We are also leaving it up to individual affiliates to invite any other “groups” that they feel might have fun with this (ie. town teams, school teams).
For obvious reasons, we are asking parents/coaches to pre-register athletes so we can plan appropriately.  Of course, we will allow day-of registration, but we prefer to organize numbers as far ahead of time as possible.  Please fill out the registration form at  Registration deadline: Friday, January 21st.
Each kid athlete will receive a “goodie bag” full of prizes from various donors (Again Faster, Puma, Steve's Club, etc.).  Prizes will be awarded to the top three finishers in each division.
We will need PLENTY of volunteers for this event: judges, set-up/break-down, handling awards, scoring, etc.  Seriously, the more volunteers the smoother this thing will, please let us know if you’ve got anyone willing to help!

This division will not receive places (ie. 1st, 2nd, 3rd).  Instead each PUP athlete will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the event.
10 minute Plank Hold
The “penalty” for losing proper form OR knees-hips-chest dropping to floor is 3 short running laps.  Once the athlete completes the run, they can go back to their plank hold.  This continues for 10 minutes.
Only toes and forearms/hands may be in contact with floor, must maintain a straight line from heels to shoulders.
Kid athletes will get a final score for the TOTAL number of reps (ie. 275 reps vs. a number for each exercise) for all four of the following exercises:
(1) Burpees
(2) Ab Mat Sit-ups
(3) Squats
(4) Single jumps with a jump rope
  1. Burpees: CHEST must make contact with the ground, and clap overhead while in the air.
(2) Ab Mat Sit-ups: Head and hands make contact with the ground, shoulders hit knees at top.
(3) Squats: Butt below knee, full stand at top.
(4) Single jumps with a jump rope: Rope must pass under feet on each rep.
WOD 1:
10 Hang Power Cleans (25/15)
100 ft. OH Lunges (10/5)
5 Double-Unders OR 40 Single Rope Jumps
  1. Hang Power Cleans: Rep starts from the HANG position (vs. a power clean from the ground), full stand before weight comes down for next rep, elbows in front of bar at top of rep.
  2. OH Lunges: Weight must remain “over head”, not “resting on top of head”, knee must make contact with ground, and hips-legs must reach full hip extension after each lunge.
  3. Double-Unders: Rope must pass under feet TWICE for each rep.
  4. Single Rope Jumps: Rope must pass under feet on each rep.
WOD 2:
500 Meter Row
AMRAP “CINDY: The Little Sister”
5 Jumping Ring Pull-ups
7 Push-ups
10 Squats
10 Minute cap for entire WOD
*After the row, the athlete will use their remaining time to complete “as many rounds as possible” of “CINDY: The Little Sister”.
  1. Row: Screen distances will descend from 500 meters down to zero.  Athlete can choose draft.
  2. Jumping Ring Pull-ups: Each athlete will get their own ring that will be set at a distance where, with arms straight and overhead, their wrists meet the bottom of the ring.  At the top of their pull-up, their chin needs to clear the bottom of the ring.
  3. Push-ups: Full extension at top, chest to deck at the bottom.
  4. Squats: Butt below knee, full stand at top.
WOD 1: 
10 Hang Power Cleans (45/30)
100 ft. OH Lunges (25/10)
10 Double-Unders OR 50 Single Rope Jumps
Same as Pack 1, WOD 1
WOD 2:
500 Meter Row
3 Pull-ups
8 Push-ups
12 Squats 
10 Minute cap for entire WOD
  1. Row: Screen distances will descend from 500 meters down to zero.  Athlete can choose draft.
  2. Pull-ups: Full extension/elbows locked at bottom, chin over the height of the bar at the top.
  3. Push-ups: Full extension at top, chest to deck at the bottom.
  4. Squats: Butt below knee, full stand at top.
WOD 1:
10 Hang Power Cleans (65/45)
100 Ft. OH Lunges (35/25)
15 Double-Unders OR 60 Single Rope Jumps
Same as Pack 1, WOD 1
WOD 2:
750 Meter Row
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats
10 Minute cap for entire WOD
  1. Row: Screen distances will descend from 750 meters down to zero.  Athlete can choose draft.
  2. Pull-ups: Full extension/elbows locked at bottom, chin over the height of the bar at the top.
  3. Push-ups: Full extension at top, chest to deck at the bottom.
  4. Squats: Butt below knee, full stand at top.

CFNE Kids Competition Recap

Our Kids competed at one of the very first CrossFit Kids competitions at CrossFit Relentless in Connecticut on Sunday, November 7th.  We had a GINORMOUS showing from CFNE: 20 kids made the almost 2 hour drive to throw down (Heather's 3 nephews competed as CFNE'ers, also)!

The event started off with a group warm-up, immediately followed by the big kick-off: the PUPS first WOD!  Each athlete, in all divisions, had their own judge/coach and the PACK and BIG DAWGS each got scores based on their finishing time and/or the number of rounds they completed in a given time.

At the end of the day, there were first place ties for BOTH the boys and girls PACK division!  The tie breaker: a 25 burpee-off, of course.  To say it was a close finish would be an understatement, but in the end CFNE came out on top in all three divisions: Tim Arthur (1st Place Big Dawg), Davis Foster (1st Place Pack), Peter Simmon-Hayes (2nd Place Pack), Nate Chagnon (3rd Place Pack), Maya Keenan-Gallagher (1st Place Pack).


Friday, October 29, 2010


For those of you competing next weekend, this is my buddy Jon Gilson coaching athletes through a very similar workout to what you'll be up for in WOD 2 (Pack).

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


The CrossFit Kids Competition will be held at CrossFit Relentless on Sunday, November 7th (the day after CFNE's Beast of the East)!!!  Here's what you need to know.

635 New Park Ave., West Hartford, CT 06107
Approx. 1 hr. 35 min. from CFNE

Participating Affiliates: CrossFit USA/Relentless, CrossFit New England, CrossFit Milford (CT), Steve's Club (NJ)

Sponsors: Again Faster, Lululemon, Puma, Adidas, Reebok, Paleo Kits

Trophies will be awarded to the top 3 boys and 3 girls finishers in each of the following categories (kids can choose ANY category to compete in):

WOD's (subject to change!!!)
Puppies (5-8 year olds)
WOD 1 (at 10:30am): 5 rounds for time of 7 squats, 7 sit-ups, 10 yard run
WOD 2 (at 1:30pm): Obstacle Course (2 rounds of 10 burpees, 3 foot box hurdle, high knees through tires, balance beam walk, 10 ft. cargo net climb)

WOD 1 (at 11:30am): run 200 meters, kb swings (20/15#), wall balls 8# (8/7ft target), run 200 meters
WOD 2 (at 2:30pm): 250 meter row, 20 clean and jerks (35/25#), 250 meter row

Big Dawgs
WOD 1 (12:30pm): "Light Nancy" 5 rounds of 400 meter run, 15 overhead squats (55/35#) 
**this one may be modified a lot, though
WOD 2 (3:30pm): power snatch (45/35#) 10 reps, box jumps (24/20") 20 reps, AMRAP 10 minutes


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Check this out!  This was passed along from Chris Cav regarding the effect of aerobic activity on young brains.  THAT's why CFNE Kids are so brilliant ;)  Thanks for sharing with us, Chris!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Max. Sit-Ups in 2 minutes.
POSE running technique training.
Nate deadlifting during the "Kamikaze" WOD.
Maya during "Kamikaze".
Ben is a NINJA at L-Sitting!!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Paleo Cooking Show: 1st Submission!

Check out Maya and Bailey making Paleo Ice Cream!
Remember, you get 10 bonus points this month just for submitting a Paleo Cooking Show for our blog!  Everyone's "talking" about doing one, but until you get it can't actually count! 
Remember to keep it short, simple, and UBER-fun to watch :)

Daigle's Steak Tips Recipe

Protein's tough with kids, right?  But, how many of you guys out there don't like steak tips???  Come on now, seriously.  They're amazing, and the recipe was passed down to me from the mad-scientist chef, Kevin Daigle...our very own coach and fire breathing back squatter.  He brought these over to our Boston Marathon party this year, and it was love at first bite.  
This recipe is marinating right this very second in our fridge for tomorrow night.  That's right, dewds: 36 hours out.  Supposedly, the longer these puppies marinate, the better they are.  Check it out.
- 3-4 lbs sirloin steak tips (preferably grass fed!)
- 1/3 cup Olive oil
- 2/3 cup Frank's Red Hot Sauce (or other cayenne pepper sauce)
- 2 tsp black pepper
- 2 tsp Oregano
- 2 tsp Basil
- 2 tsp minced garlic

1. Heat a small amount of the olive oil (enough to cover the skillet) in a small skillet over medium heat, add the garlic and spices.  Stir often browning the minced garlic (don't burn it). 
2. Remove from heat, and combine oil and spices with the rest of the olive oil, and Redhot...mix well.  A container that allows shaking is a good idea, it mixes better.
3. Add steak tips to Tupperware container, and a douse in marinade.....leave in the fridge over night, shaking container every 2-6 hours.
4. Grill Steak tips to desired doneness.  Discard marinade.